Protect Your Teeth with Regular Dental Visits

Protect Your Teeth with Regular Dental Visits

Here’s a riddle for you: how can spending more time at the dentist lead to less time spent at the dentist? Sound silly? It’s not. Visiting your San Antonio family dentist for regular cleanings can help you optimize your dental health and prevent many oral health issues requiring complex and expensive treatment.

Why You Should See Your San Antonio Dentist for a Cleaning

Visiting one of the family dentists at Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio for a regular check-up and cleaning can have a number of benefits:

  • Regular cleaning helps prevent cavities.
  • It can also prevent gum disease.
  • Can help you achieve a brighter smile.
  • Will nip bad breath in the bud.
  • Can help to boost your overall health.
  • Will help you avoid costly and complicated procedures that are entirely preventable.

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

Knowing what to expect during your visit can take a lot of the anxiety out of seeing your dentist. Here’s what’ll happen when you visit a family dentist at our San Antonio clinic:

    • Checkup—We’ll check your gums for any of the early warning signs for gingivitis and gum disease.
      Good vibrations—We’ll use a special ultrasonic instrument to dislodge large pieces of tartar. At the same time, we’ll spray a mist of water in your mouth to wash away the debris. It won’t hurt a bit, but it may tickle!
    • Scaling—Next, our dentists will use fine hand tools to gently remove the rest of the tartar from your teeth. It may sound a bit scary but it isn’t painful at all.
    • Polishing—Once all the tartar is out of the way, we’ll polish your teeth using a soft rubber cup and a special paste.

Flossing—Just to make sure that we got everything, we’ll floss between your teeth to remove any debris trapped between the teeth and gums.
Fluoride treatment—This is the best part! A fluoride treatment tops off your visit by strengthening your enamel and preventing acid wear. It even comes in a bunch of yummy flavours.

Regularly scheduled dental cleanings are a painless and effective way to maintain good oral hygiene. And you’ll love the way your teeth will feel afterwards!
Visit Your Family Dentist in San Antonio Regularly

Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio take care of all of your dental hygiene needs. From checkups, to cleanings, to whitenings, crowns and fillings, we take care of you and your entire family. Book an appointment with San Antonio’s favorite family dentists today!