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Oral Conscious Sedation

Anxiety and anticipation of dental treatment can be assisted by psychological methods.  However, when treating children who are receiving dental treatment, pharmacological approaches are commonly necessary.  Oral conscious sedation is a procedure where we prepare an oral liquid medication consisting of a pain medication, antiemetic medication and/or an anxiolytic medication.  Nitrous oxide/oxygen is also commonly used in conjunction with these medications and titrated to the patient’s comfort level.  The medication dosages vary between patients and are dependent on treatment needs and anxiety levels.  We routinely provide these procedures and as specialists in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Cantu and Dr. Balkos are board certified in providing this service.

The goals of oral conscious sedation are to guard the patient’s safety and welfare, minimize discomfort and pain, to control anxiety and minimize psychological trauma, to modify patient behavior and communication to allow safe treatment completion, and to return a patient to a state where medical discharge from a doctor’s supervision is safe meeting certain documented criteria.

During oral conscious sedation, your child does not receive an IV or lose consciousness.  The child is able to respond to commands and understand questions that are asked during a procedure.  Monitoring equipment is used as well as doctor supervision.  For extensive treatment needs and extremely fearful patients, restraint during dental treatment will not be used in the office with oral conscious sedation as it is contraindicated in such procedures per the AAPD guidelines.

Dr. Balkos and Dr. Cantu will be happy to discuss any further questions or concerns concerning oral conscious sedation during your dental appointment.



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